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What is an "Elixir"?

A series of 6 pre-defined campaigns sent at your desired interval
{ 7 Touches is the Magic Number to get an Optimum Response from your Direct Mail Campaign }


GoBig Printing has created the Elixir.

7 compelling and response driven Direct Mail Templates that don't read like spam. These authentic professionally chosen and written templates will increase your response up to 10 times. We know this sounds silly and a little simple, and by no definition are we saying we know everything. We just happen to know a thing or two about direct mail. For the last two decades we have worked with many of the worlds greatest coaches and direct marketers. These relationships have developed over time to include unique strategies for success in communication. Our “Elixir” is the best way to summarize a defined product that will generate the best response. Read more about response rates here.

The Elixir will give you an easy to understand process that will generate leads! – Managing those leads is up to you. However we have partnered with a killer company to help you do just that. Manage Leads! (just as important as getting leads) See more here:

The Elixir

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