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I have been using and sending my students to GoBig Printing for many years. The InvestorFarm™ suite of products are professional, efficient and easy to use. Their customer service is always 5 Stars . Get started today!

~ Billy Alvaro, Flip Masters

My name is Billy Alvaro

(800) 793-5015

Billy Alvaro

My name is Billy Alvaro and I invest in Real Estate

Billy Alvaro

(800) 793-5015

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Find Sellers with our easy,
map-based search. Filter up
to 70 property types

Search for an individual property or for groups of properties with simple intuitive clicks. Supress records and real time CASS Certification to...

We pride ourselves on offering the very best. Having been in business for over 25 years you learn a thing or two. Our staff of 65+ is ready to assit you in your business. Our concierge department of 16 dedicated Customer Service Reps are eager to help you every step of the way. We print and mail over 5 million per month with a ZERO error record.

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Real Estate Investor Websites
Pre-built by "Pros" to help you close more deals!

Complete with prewritten automation drip email campaigns and "Call To Actions" to prompt a visitor to leave their info. Simple registration...

Building Wealth One Deal At A Time

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Automated Drip Campaigns

Simply select pre-created campaigns from our
expansive Elixir series

Select your desired target market and hit them with pre-written material at your chosen interval. Automatic “opt-out” built in so you don’t waste....


PURL (Personal URL -MicroSites)

Personalized landing pages with lead capture & call to actions.

Personalized Direct mail complete with landing page welcoming them. HomeVal reports generated on the fly based on the home sellers...

Hi Sara,

I am Billy Alvaro with Flip Masters. Welcome to your personal web page. Information about your property is below. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Billy Alvaro
(800) 793-5015
Flip Masters